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Our experienced marketing team designs and produces the marketing materials in-house. This enables us to develop and implement timely and effective marketing mediums, custom designed for the most effective and innovative marketing effort possible. Continual contact between broker, client and the marketing team assures that we reach the targeted end users. By utilizing proven, effective and appropriate methods, we will aggressively market the positive aspects specific to your property. The following are the marketing mediums we will use to promote your property:


A site specific real estate sign will be installed on your property, clearly promoting its availability. Signage is a valuable tool in generating prospect interest and in making the availability clear to area real estate investors, developers, brokers and prospective end users.

Data Sheet

We will prepare a detailed data sheet for your property that will be shared with prospects, local commercial brokers and the economic development directors of the surrounding towns or cities. Care is taken to present a professional  and attractive property profile. Data sheets generally include detailed information, photographs, aerial or bird’s eye photography, property specifications, a location map and the appropriate zoning ordinances.

Marketing Packet

When more information is needed, a marketing packet may be requested. Each marketing packet is custom-made and unique, but will generally include additional photographs, a sight plan, renderings, floor plans, demographic data, area information and information about our company.


All of our properties are listed on the Internet at,, costar. com,, and several other Web sites. These sites are proven to generate a consistent source of leads. In addition, we send a concise, one-page email broadcast to all local commercial brokers when we acquire your listing. We’ll send another broadcast if there are any major changes or updates to your listing.

Cooperating Broker Relations

We will utilize the professional relationships we have with all area brokers to network and promote your property